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Holiday Menu 2022

Price for 6 persons (minimum order)


Italian seafood salad - $72
Cod croquette with homemade tartar sauce and dill - $24
Charcuterie platter (jardinière, focaccia, cold cuts, olives) - $72
Fried shrimp, lemon, Italian parsley - $90
Mini braised beef burger, Brussels sprouts salad, bbq sauce - $36
250g salmon tartar, cilantro, spicy mayo, pumpernickel bread crostini - $60
Wild mushroom arancini, truffle béchamel, mozzarella - $24


Lasagna, beef and veal ragu, San Marzano, mozzarella and basil - $65
Homemade cavatelli, garlic rapini, pork sausage with fennel, crushed chilli - $65
Ricotta and spinach ravioli, parmesan velouté and San Marzano - $54

Main Dishes

Salted cod fried alla Puttanesca, tomatoes, olive, Italian parsley, anchovies, capers - $156
Seared salmon steak, lemon, white wine, dill cream -$132
Chicken breast Milanese style (breaded) - $36
Breaded pork tenderloin, Swiss chard with garlic, smoked gouda cheese, veal juice and red wine - $126
Roast veal, herb and mustard crust, mushroom sauce - $150

Side Dishes

Roasted potatoes, herbs and garlic - $30
Roasted cauliflower, thyme, rosemary, garlic, Maldon salt - $30
Fresh market vegetables, Sicilian oregano, parsley, extra virgin olive oil - $36
Fried cubanelle peppers, fleur de sel, crushed peppers - $30


Holiday Menu 2022

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Catering service

DG Traiteur is the professional caterer you need to hire for your events. We offer our services in Laval and the surrounding areas.

Having been brought up in a traditional Italian environment, we are pleased to share our culinary expertise with you.

Caterer for any event

Hire our services for any reception, wedding or corporate event. We also provide our services for a many other occasions, including family gathering (birthday, baptism, funeral, etc.), cocktail reception, brunch, barbecue or breakfast.

With years of experience in the culinary field, we can expertly handle the preparation of the menu or buffet of your choice (hot or cold).

We can prepare the menu or buffet of your choice, hot or cold.


Catering service Laval

Book a date and let us handle the catering service!

A great culinary expertise

DJ Traiteur is the ideal professional caterer to ensure the success of your event. Having been raised in a traditional Italian environment, we have in-depth knowledge of the culinary world and master a wide range of recipes. We use seasonal organic ingredients from Quebec to enhance the traditional flavours while adding our personal touch.

As a personal chef, we also offer lunch boxes to make it easier for you. Contact us now!

We use seasonal organic ingredients from Quebec.


Catering service Laval